RACE RULES Hannah EPO Survival 2017

  1. One-day competition of pairs, free order style. Competitors move in prescribed way (by bike, in-line skates, on feet, etc.) and fulfil disciplines (rock climbing, Bolscross, etc.)
  2. It is a sport event and anyone older than 18 years can take part in it. Younger people have to have a permission from their legal representative (written and signed document given at presentation on spot).
  3. Every competitor confirms by his/her registration, that is aware of all rules and agrees with them:
      1. Competitors are aware of consequences connected with their participation in race. They take part on their own risk. They are not entitled to ask organizers for refund or other demand for injury or other damage, which they may be affected at sport event.
      2. Competitors got all instructions concerning rules, safety, fair play and other conditions.
      3. Competitors are aware that organizers are not responsible for damage for their equipment laid out of marked areas.
      4. Competitors agree, that organizers or their staff make audio-visual recordings and agree that these materials taken before, during and after event may be used by all means of presentation of this event, for free.
      5. Competitors undertakes to observe the traffic rules while move on roads according to the Act No 361/2000 on Road traffic.
  4. Competitors behave according to the fair play.
  5. Team cannot split for more than 50 m when running/swimming/in-line skating and 100 m when biking.
  6. Every competitor is obliged to provide first aid in case of emergency and need of other competitor.
  7. Only those competitors are allowed to start who agree with the Rules and are in good health condition and are did not consume alcohol or inquest other drugs. Organizer may not allow to start (or is allowed to stop) any competitor who will seem to be too tired to prevent injury/accident.
  8. Only those competitors are allowed to start who are registered at official website www.eposurvival.cz via registration form or individual agreement with organizers.
  9. Registrations close on May 7, 2017. After this date is possible to register only with agreement of organizer. Limit is 100 pairs.
  10. 10. Start fee has to be paid in advance to account 2000631637/2010. Bank: Fio Banka, IBAN: CZ3520100000002000631637, BIC/SWIFT: FIOBCZPPXXX. Please, state variable symbol generated during registration and sent to your e-mail. In exceptional cases can be paid on spot in cash. Start fee is CZK 1400 (EUR 52) per team paid until May 3, 2017 (this is half price for ČAES members; you can become ČAES member for free on spot). Start fee after this date or paid on spot is CZK 2000 (EUR 75), i.e. half price for ČAES members.
  11. Organizers may close registrations (in case of exceeding limit of competitors etc.) or arrange the rules.
  12. No start fee refunds. It is however possible to sell it or transfer to another team.
  13. In case of unexpected affair (calamity, life-endangering situation) may organizers interrupt the race, close or cancel. No start fee refunds in this case. It may be transferred to the next year.
  14. Every team has to have mandatory equipment. Organizers may randomly check it, even during the race. Missing or incomplete ME mean penalty.
  15. Mandatory equipment is listed in race instructions.
  16. For every missing piece from the mandatory equipment receives the team penalty of 100 points.
  17. Using other means of transport is forbidden (car, motorcycle, bus, tractor, train, horse, etc.)
  18. Rating system
      1. Everything in the race is recounted to points and final number of points is the only criterion of rating. Teams can get points for passing disciplines, dibbing CPs, for time remaining until 16:00 when they arrive to finish.
      2. Example:
          • One minute you arrive before the time limit mean 1 point – i.e. if you arrive to finish at 15:30, you get 30 points. For every dibbed trekking CP you get 80 points. For climbed way to according their difficulty you can get up to 280 points.
      3. During the race teams can get over 3,000 points, detailed information and value of CPs teams get at their registration on spot.
      4. Skipping discipline does not mean disqualification, you only do not get the points. The race is arranged to it is worth completing the disciplines.
      5. There are no „stop times“ - it is necessary to calculate with possible accumulation of competitors. At those disciplines organizers provide more equipment (ropes for climbing, abseil, etc.).
      6. Start of the race is on Saturday, 13th of May 2017 at 3:00 a.m.
      7. End of the race is on Saturday, 13th of May 2017 at 4:00 p.m.
      8. For exceeding the time limit up to 15 minutes will be deducted number of minutes multiplied by ten, as a penalty. After this time is the penalty 100 points for every commenced minute.
  19. Filing protests:
      1. Protests are filed for a deposit CZK 200 to a main referee. When admitting, the fee is refunded.
      2. Protest may be officially filed no later than 60 minutes after the official results had been displayed.
      3. No refunds in case of denying the protest.
      4. Time for statement of the main referee to the protest is 30 minutes after its filing and depositing the amount of CZK 200.

    Updated: December 30, 2016